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With the digital world quickly expanding, the days of the disc are out numbered. DVD is widely accepted as a dying format, and soon new technologies such as BluRay will follow. Its now becoming more common to find new houses equipped with the latest network standards enabling the everyday user to build a robust home network. With devices such as the Xbox and PS3 able to stream music and video from our home computers(via Windows Media Center Extender) and devices such as the iPad taking place of the Desktop for a lot of people, how can ensure that your catalouge of music and video is still available to be viewed anywhere in the home, or even the world!

The Area-51Zone website provides some in depth guides and reviews on how you can achieve this yourself, and most importantly, on a budget! We will be constantly expanding and updating the guides and reviews section so please check back soon for new updates! In the mean time if you have any questions, suggestions for guides; or products you would like to see reviewed please contact me using the botton to your right.


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Area-51Zone has been designed by myself mainly as a way of getting hands on experience running servers and hosting sites and other applicatoins. This is a constant work in progress done in my free time outside of my day to day job. Watch this space! Read more...

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